My experience of depression as a designer

1. My experience and motivation for depression museum

“If there were countless parallel universes and each world had a me, the present one, must be the best.”

2. What I want to do as a designer

3. My suggestion and FAQ toward depression

1. Physical or mental illness?

2. Take medicine or not?

3. Attitude toward psychological consult

4. What about relapse?

5. How to fight against lack of spirit?

  1. Get involved in some group events like dance class,spinning class or gym class. Avoid doing sports on your own like running, swimming or doing deep squat in the corner of the gym by yourself.
  2. Find an emotion outlets. Describe your despair or happiness to a reliable person,maybe your parents, boyfriend/girlfriend or friends. Tell them your condition. They don’t need to give your some specific opinions, just listening will work.When I feel bad, I turn to my best friend and speak it out, usually she did not care about me and just doing her things. But when I speak it out, half of my depression disappeared.

Finally, you should believe the power of yourself. Removing your stumbling block, the best self are waiting for you!




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